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Dear Golfer,

SUBJECT: 2024 Baisakhi Open World Cup Golf, April 19-20 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

This letter is a formal confirmation that the 2024 Baisakhi Open World Cup Golf Tournament is being held from April 19th at Siena Golf Club and April 20th at Revere Golf Club Lexignton course in Las Vegas, Nevada respectively.

This premier annual golf tournament is organized in the true Punjabi spirit by International Punjabi Golf Association of America based in the Greater Los Angeles area.

This annual event is spread amongst the Punjabi diaspora settled around the Globe. In addition to the U.S. and Canada, participants now fly in from as far away as England, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and of course from many different part of India.

We welcome all golf enthusiasts from around the world to join us every year to make this annual Baisakhi Open World Cup Golf Event a success and also to develop long lasting relationship and experience the camaraderie and enjoy the spirit of friendly competition.

For details and information, please visit our website at


Board of Directors & Executive Committee

Baisakhi Open World Cup Golf Tournament